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Chet playing a Super Axe at an impromptu concert in Battlefield Park,
Prairie Grove, Arkansas, September 1976. Chet named his new guitar
"Hot Strings" but Gretsch decided to market it as the "Super Axe."

I was there becaue I designed the guitar's electronics.
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Recently I was contacted by a Super Axe owner because his
guitar wasn't working and he was looking for help. He thought
neither module (compressor and phaser) was working so I asked
him to send them to me for FREE checking.

I checked them and found the compressor was working fine but his
phaser was dead. He ordered a new one which I sent to him along
with the suggestion that he replace the compressor sustain, phaser
rate, blend and master volume controls and the compressor on-off
switch. Even replacing the wiring might be a good idea.

He replied: "I installed the modules and debugged the compressor wiring, It turns out a couple of pins on the connector were bad, which I bypassed with wire, plus the trimpot on the compressor out had a broken connection (very difficult to find and see). Everything works and sounds great - thanks so much. I couldn't have a working guitar without your help."

The Super Axe was built during the late 1970's and maybe the early
1980's so they must be at least 30 years old. If one was not working
there are probably others not working. I have re-mastered the circuit
boards using my original circuit diagrams so the performance will be
unchanged from the originals.

New compressor module awaiting potting. Module size is 2" x 2",
just like the original.

New phaser module. Potted size is 2" x 3", also the same size
as the original. The mounting holes also match the originals.

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